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Advertisers Missing out on the Site-Side Optimization Edge

What are your customers missing?

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It’s amazing that web site optimization is still an overlooked process despite its inherent value to marketing campaigns across the business spectrum.

Of course there are complexities involved in making the process a reality because it takes the cooperation of several departments to make it a reality.

However, when employed correctly, web site conversion is one of the smartest investments a business can make, because it boosts the value of every other in-house marketing effort.

Amadesa offers user-friendly technology for conversion funnel optimization that can be installed easily and in a relatively short time frame. Once this site-side optimization is up and running, it helps you with every transaction by increasing the likelihood that visitors to your site will become paying customers.

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Amadesa Defines Behavioral Targeting for Business

Behavioral Targeting enables web site owners to display content that is deemed more relevant to the interest of each individual user.

Behavioral Targeting allows site owners or ad networks to display content more relevant to the interests of the individual viewing the page. On the theory that properly targeted ads will fetch more consumer interest, the seller may ask for a premium for these over random advertising or ads based on the context of a site.

Behavioral Targeting falls into two categories:
Onsite Behavioral Targeting
Uses visitor behavior and practices to “single out” content that would have increased relevance to a segment of selected users by evaluating web analytics.

Offsite Behavioral Targeting
Advertising networks use this method to evaluate user behavior and increase targeted advertising.

Daniel Waisberg, the Head of Web Analytics at Easynet search marketing reports that in the last two years, marketers, analysts and executives have started to understand that customers should get what they want without having to ask for it. That’s what behavioral targeting is all about: delivering the right content to each visitor to a website. It moves the current focus on overall results to segment results.

Amadesa is one of the premier companies employing Behavioral Targeting to create a unique experience for each and every visitor. Many top companies across the business spectrum use Amadesa for their customer service solutions including: Petco, Progressive Insurance, General Mills and NutriSystem.

Smooth Fitness Gets in Shape Using Amadesa

Smooth Fitness, the number one online retailer of home fitness equipment and one of Internet Retailer’s top 300 e-commerce sites, pumped up its Customer Experience Platform using Amadesa.

Smooth Fitness continues to leverage Amadesa’s virtual layer technology to optimize the cart checkout experience resulting in an aggregate conversion rate lift of more than 19 percent.

“We are pleased with the checkout results to date, and anticipate the same as we expand our testing and personalization activities. No other company provides such a holistic approach to Web site optimization,” said Keith Menear, vice president of internet sales & marketing.

“And now we have the ultimate control with little IT dependency, which affords us the dual benefits of speed and flexibility.”

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Amadesa Takes Mystery Out of Site Optimization

Amadesa is the first company to deliver a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution focused on delivering a dynamic web site through personalization and automated content delivery.

The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite offers end-to-end testing and personalization products to help online businesses maximize revenues, enhance customer engagement, increase conversions, and improve marketing ROI.

The Amadesa Customer Experience Platform provides users with a unique interface that takes the complex site optimization domain and simplifies it. The platform allows users to optimize unlimited opportunities on their Web sites through powerful products and features that require little IT, including:

A/B & Multivariate Testing: Traffic management, element and/or page-level testing to quickly determine which best drives click-through activity
Segment Testing: Identify Web site visitors across a variety of criteria (such as referring search engine, pay-per-click keyword, etc.) to seamlessly personalize communications and value propositions
Automated Behavioral Targeting: True predictive analytics algorithm leverages more than 25 characteristics (such as IP address, browser and screen resolutions, day and time of day, etc.) to deliver the most appropriate content to the right users
Product Recommendations: Automated suggestions that deliver timely product add-ons and upgrades to augment order values and increase revenues

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Amadesa Leads the Way in Web Site Testing

In the current economic environment, many companies want cost-effective ways to improve the bottom line. One proven method is to cross and up-sell customers already on a site.

Amadesa employs a Product Recommendations page that allows clients to deliver real-time suggestions regarding valuable products. This provides added value for the customers.

Amadesa is also the first company to deliver an end-to-end Web site testing and personalization platform.

It’s been more than a year since Amadesa and Thanx Media signed on to implement Product Recommendations functionality on the home furnishing company’s Web site.

Amadesa’s Customer Experience Platform includes AB & Multivariate Testing, Segment Testing and targeting of site traffic, Automated Persona Targeting to serve the most relevant and personalized content, Product Recommendations, and Virtual Layers for Carts & Forms.

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