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More than 100 Reasons to Adopt Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting determines the most appropriate user content


Amadesa’s Behavioral Targeting algorithm leverages more than 100 visitor variables to deliver real-time matching and delivery of the most relevant content.

Optimized for anonymous variable collection:

Amadesa’s Behavioral Targeting anonymously collects a vast array of available user characteristics.

Here is a sampling of those 100-plus visitor variables:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Session ID
  • IP address
  • Visitor ID
  • Referring URL
  • Referring variables
  • Page landed
  • Live Tests
  • Profile ID
  • And more than 90 other variables…

Quick Preview:
The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ allows marketers to preview content options quickly and easily prior to the launch of the site. In this day and age, the ability to break down this pertinent information is an invaluable tool for any site launch or revamp.

In session updating:
As visitors engage with your site, their actions and behaviors are captured by the engine, incorporated into the persona profiles and then redeployed in the form of content delivery to complete the analytic loop. This site evaluation would take many companies weeks or even months to complete.

The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ quickly delivers the right content to the right user at the right time. Amadesa takes the mystery away from user experience evaluation process. Now individuals who visit your site will be directed where they want to go without being bogged down irrelevant information.


Content Personalization Makes Perfect Sense for Site Visitors

There are no borders with "Content Personalization"

There are no borders with "Content Personalization"


How do you make your site more specific and relevant to your visitors?

Through site personalization of course!

Separate your site from the others by making each visit unique, relevant and more compelling.

By serving up distinctive messages and offers to individual customers, you make their online experiences more specific and relevant. That in turn increases site loyalty and beefs up retention rates.

On the “one to all” end of the continuum, visitors who come to a site all receive the same content. On the opposite “one to one” end of the spectrum, users enjoy a unique combination of information, offers and images across every page on the site that is tailored and delivered to each individual.

While most marketers cannot realistically achieve this one to one ideal today, many seek to get as close as possible, knowing that conversion rates and revenue improve with each step taken along the continuum. Whether you’re just looking to start with segmentation by groups to get more personal or leveraging real-time, behavioral targeting to drill down to a more individualized level, Amadesa can help.

Content personalization efforts will flourish all across you site including:

  • Home pages
  • Category and product pages
  • Shopping carts and forms
  • Subscription and registration pages
  • And the rest of your particular site

Contact Amadesa to learn how to leverage their products and see how they can help you on the journey towards true web site personalization.

Simple Form Optimization Beefs Up Subscription Rates, Lead Generation

Are your customers drawing a blank?


It sounds so simple, but a complicated and confusing registration form can have a negative impact on your business. Form Optimization is actually a science and something Amadesa has been perfecting for years now.

Form Optimization will steer your visitors away from abandonment points and help your business by providing increased subscriptions and lead generation. Whether your business is looking to build a community of visitors or generate leads, many opportunities exist in optimizing registration and enrollment forms.

Many factors can impact the completion rate of online registration forms. How your form is constructed can have a dramatic effect not only on the quantity of completions, but the quality of them as well.

The length of the form, types of questions asked, order of the questions, visual cues for guiding users, field formats and requirements all impact completion rates. Even the location, color or size of your “join now” button should be carefully evaluated.

Amadesa can help keep your visitors engaged and away from those treacherous abandonment points. Our data-driven approach will help ensure that the forms on your Web site accomplish exactly what you need them to do.

We’ve helped clients across a diverse array of industries transform their registration processes and build a rich database of customers and users.

Can Your Business Survive Without Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Optimization is a must

In today’s competitive market, improving conversion rates is a critical component of attracting new customers and retaining the ones you already have. Amadesa features a product suite designed to help marketers achieve their most critical online goals including:

  • Enhancing customer engagement
  • Increasing site conversion events
  • Improving online revenues
  • Maximizing marketing ROI

Businesses already dedicate a great deal of time, resources and money into getting visitors to their site. With targeted off-line marketing efforts and constantly improving SEO activities, you’ve made great strides in driving efficiencies in your “pre-click” efforts. But what happens to your guests once they get site-side? It’s the “post-click” takeaway that matters most.

Conversion can mean a lot of things. If you’re a content site, it may mean downloading articles and or video. For eBusiness, companies focus heavily on lead generation.  When it comes to eCommerece sites, it’s about the power of the purse…and what customers buy.

Regardless of how you define conversion, there’s no better approach then letting your customers decide the online experience that is most relevant to them.

Testing — from content to images and from offers to call to actions — can uncover the subtle or dramatic improvements that translate into increased conversions. Segmenting, synthesized with testing, can further distribute your traffic to varying experiences that are even more pertinent and likely to drive action.

Segmentation Delivers Key Benefits that Customers Can’t Ignore

Understanding how and why segments convert differently.

Segmentation empowers the user to establish individual rules to serve the most relevant content of predefined segments. Traffic allocation is a crucial factor in improving conversion rates.

With the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™, it’s easy to ensure that whether your customer enters your site from a particular referring search engine, banner ad or pay per click keyword, you can be confident that once they actually land on your site, you’re welcoming them with the most relevant, appropriate and consistent messages.

There are several key benefits that can’t be ignored:

Ease of use — Set up rules for each traffic segment and Amadesa’s Segmentation feature does the rest. JavaScript tags ensure that specific and relevant content is delivered to each predefined segment.

Optimized customer experience — Customer Segmentation allows pushes your site to become both compelling and relevant. Traffic segmentations opens up communication with new visitors differently from seasoned and loyal customers.
For example: Tailor the landing page message for visitors on Friday but deliver a different page the following Monday.

Increased conversion rates — By applying A/B testing to your traffic segments, you can now understand how and why segments convert differently. Refine the message, image, offer or landing pages to drive continuous improvement.

Enhanced consistency — Your customers have very specific objectives in mind. Don’t make them start from scratch when they land at your site off a search result. Providing consistency and relevance translates into increased engagement. Uses Amadesa’s Customer Experience SuiteTM to Increase Revenue per Visit and Average Order Values

Online Retailer Improves Marketing ROI With Amadesa’s Testing and Segmentation Targeting Solutions

Amadesa (, the first company to deliver a single platform for Web site personalization solutions to improve conversion and engagement activity, today announced that, one of the largest retailers of footwear and related apparel on the Internet, is using the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ to provide visitors with unique, relevant and compelling shopping experiences. By implementing Amadesa’s A/B and Multivariate Testing and Segmentation Targeting solutions, increased its revenue per visit and average order values. is realizing an impressive ROI with Amadesa’s dynamic, online tools because they allow to learn quickly and make changes that affect the bottom line without draining marketing resources. Specifically, Amadesa’s A/B and Multivariate Testing solutions allow to identify which alternative images, copy, offers, navigational components or other elements drive customer engagement. With Segmentation Targeting, is able to create predetermined rules to serve the most relevant content to predefined segments, resulting in optimized visits and improved conversion rates.

“With Amadesa, we can easily run multiple tests concurrently on our site and segment traffic through a single, intuitive interface,” said James Keller, senior vice president of marketing for “By applying A/B testing to various traffic segments, we understand how and why segments convert differently, empowering us to quickly refine the message, image, offer or landing page to engage with visitors and, ultimately, drive revenue and a greater customer experience.”

To date, has used Amadesa to:

  • Target mobile users for its recently launched Apple iPhone and iPod touch applications.
  • Determine the impact of security logos on the site.
  • Run, design and layout tests across its entire product catalog pages.

“ recognizes the power of creating optimal user experiences with personalization,” said Rita Brogley, CEO of Amadesa. “At Amadesa, our team is committed to working with business-savvy companies like to help them build loyalty and increase the likelihood of conversion to improve ROI.”

The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ has proven successful for companies in a wide variety of industries including retailers, travel, direct marketers, financial service providers and others. The suite offers end-to-end testing and personalization capabilities that help e-businesses of all types maximize revenues, enhance customer engagement, increase conversions and improve marketing ROI.

Amadesa Resources

About Amadesa
Amadesa is the first company to deliver a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution focused on delivering a dynamic Web site of one through personalization and automated content delivery. The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ offers end-to-end testing and personalization products to help online businesses maximize revenues, enhance customer engagement, increase conversions and improve marketing ROI. Learn more at

About is one of the largest retailers of footwear and related apparel on the Internet. experiences over 6,500,000 visitors a month and is one of the 10 most visited apparel shopping sites in the country as rated by Hitwise. has partnerships with over 1,000 manufacturers and represents over 800,000 products from top brands. also operates, which represents all categories of bags including handbags, backpacks, luggage, baby gear, briefcases and laptop bags, Product Express which makes available over 10,000 products with free overnight shipping for the customer who needs the product now, and which offers a specialized shopping experience and design-focused product from over 200 top designer brands.

A/B and Multivariate Testing Determines True Customer Needs

Adopting the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™


When a business adopts the A/B and Multivariate Testing platform, it’s the customers who drive the critical information of what works best for them. The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ was developed to understand the wants and needs of each customer.

The A/B and Multivariate Testing allows your business an unlimited myriad of elements to improve click through rates.

Here are just a few of the key features:

Easy A/B and Multivariate Test wizard set up — The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ was built with the marketer in mind. Step-by-step instructions guide you from conception to execution with simple, easy to follow instructions.

Flexibility to control & adjust traffic mix — Don’t let inferior solutions force your business down the path of a predefined traffic split. If one version performs better, you can route more traffic accordingly.

Test single or multiple elements — Amadesa’s A/B and Multivariate Testing product provides an unlimited ability to test across any Web page.

Upload & store images on Amadesa servers — Need a JPEG or flash video but your designer is too busy – Now you can get it yourself.

Quick preview — There’s no need to hassle your IT department when they’re tied up with other priorities. You can preview your tests on the platform at your convenience, before going live with them on your website. We’ve put testing in the hands of the marketers.