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Search Engine Marketing Takes Center Stage

Amadesa helps your business maximize SEO potential


New research suggests that the greatest challenge facing marketers today is an accurate measure of return on investment. A recent survey released by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) and Econsultancy indicates that money will be shifted from other marketing venues to pay for search engine marketing efforts.

Social media is the driving force behind these efforts – even though measuring ROI is still a complicated and murky process.

Nearly half of the companies surveyed indicate that they plan to shift their focus and energies away from print and toward SEO. One of the better approaches many of these businesses will be looking for is the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™. Amadesa provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to provide end-to-end web site testing and personalization to increase conversion rates.

Amadesa provides a single vendor solution for a wide range of web site testing tools and optimization products. Whether your site has challenges with landing pages, home pages or checkout, the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ allows you to remove the guesswork through their testing platform.

Amadesa has consolidated multiple product lines and features into a next generation platform that increases speed to market and improves marketing return on investment.


Spunky New Phone Actually Stands Up When a Call Comes In

New Nokia phone standing up to new challenges!

How cool is this?

Nokia has an awesome new phone that actually stands up and comes to attention when a call comes in.

The Nokia Kinetic has a curved base that shifts its weight and tilts up when somebody calls.

There’s certainly a risk for this type of technology becoming a bother – but it will be quite hard to miss a call when your phone stands up and demands you take notice.

The cool thing is – if you don’t want to take the call – you can tap the phone and it will sit back down.

That fun feature could be a hit, even in business settings, but it will be a wait and see game to see if the public stands up to embrace this new technology.

“Post-Click” Takeaways Matter Most to Business

Improve conversion rates by optimizing your site

The majority of businesses dedicate an inordinate amount of time, resources and budget to getting potential customers to visit their website. With targeted off-line marketing efforts and constantly improving search engine optimization efforts – many organizations are already making great strides in driving “pre-click” efforts.

However, what happens to your guests once they arrive on your site? It’s the “post-click” takeaway that matters most to your business. Conversion means different things to different businesses.

  • If you have a content-based site, it may mean downloading an article.
  • A Multimedia site might require clicking on and viewing a video clip.
  • For eBusinesses, it may focus heavily on lead generation.
  • And for eCommerece sites, it’s about the power of the purse…and what customers buy.

Regardless of how you define conversion, there’s no better approach than letting your customers decide on the online experience that is most relevant for them and user-testing is the key.

From content to images, from offers to call to actions – testing can uncover the subtle or dramatic improvements that translate into increased conversion rates.

Segmenting, synthesized with testing, can further distribute your traffic to varying experiences that are even more pertinent and likely to drive action and even sales.

Critical Importance of Personalized Product Recommendation

Presenting the best customer recommendations


Automated merchandising is critical to personalizing the online shopping experience. It is also a key component of increasing revenue per visit and average order values.

Let’s face it; with the increasing demands on driving ROI coupled with limited company resources, marketers and merchandisers today need a powerful personalization engine that will automatically present the best recommendations for their customers.

Amadesa actually has a system in place that does all of those things and much more. Amadesa’s RecommendR™ allows customers to personalize product recommendations across any page on a web site.

Key Features of RecommendR™

  • Cross-channel Options
  • Recommendation type flexibility
  • Integrated Testing capabilities
  • Advanced business rules
  • No catalog integration required

Amadesa’s RecommendR™ provides you with the flexibility to set business rules, create and test different themes, and communicate consistently across marketing channels.

This is a system that hones in on improving key metrics such as average order values, revenue per visit, conversions and overall sales. The RecommendR software platform sets the standard for automated merchandising.