A/B and Multivariate Testing Determines True Customer Needs

Adopting the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™


When a business adopts the A/B and Multivariate Testing platform, it’s the customers who drive the critical information of what works best for them. The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ was developed to understand the wants and needs of each customer.

The A/B and Multivariate Testing allows your business an unlimited myriad of elements to improve click through rates.

Here are just a few of the key features:

Easy A/B and Multivariate Test wizard set up — The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ was built with the marketer in mind. Step-by-step instructions guide you from conception to execution with simple, easy to follow instructions.

Flexibility to control & adjust traffic mix — Don’t let inferior solutions force your business down the path of a predefined traffic split. If one version performs better, you can route more traffic accordingly.

Test single or multiple elements — Amadesa’s A/B and Multivariate Testing product provides an unlimited ability to test across any Web page.

Upload & store images on Amadesa servers — Need a JPEG or flash video but your designer is too busy – Now you can get it yourself.

Quick preview — There’s no need to hassle your IT department when they’re tied up with other priorities. You can preview your tests on the platform at your convenience, before going live with them on your website. We’ve put testing in the hands of the marketers.


Making PageLift Technology Part of Your Checkout Process

Dramatically improve your checkout process to ensure conversion


Achieve significant lift without altering the data model or requiring deep technical integration.

Amadesa is the only end-to-end Web site testing and personalization solutions provider to deliver full cart, form, subscription and registration optimization via its PageLift technology.

It is the only application that offers a comprehensive set of options to test design, templates, layouts, user experience, error messaging and validations and process steps to increase conversion.

With the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™, your checkout process is examined, evaluated and overhauled to increase user engagement, reduce abandonment and drive conversion. From messaging to information flow, Amadesa’s PageLift technology separates the graphical layer from the data model, allowing clients to test across the entire page layout.

Improvements in checkout and form completion can translate into tremendous value retention. That’s because numerous challenges and problems can arise in the final step of the consumer purchase process to hinder conversion, whether it’s confusing instructions, poor flow or problematic field requirements and error messaging.

Amadesa can help uncover the necessary subtle (and major) improvements that translate into significant revenue and an increase in conversions.

Amadesa’s RecommendR™ Personalizes Product Recommendation

Amadesa’s RecommendR software achieves a new standard for automated merchandising.


Amadesa’s RecommendR™ allows customers to personalize product recommendations across any page on their web site.

With the increasing demands on driving ROI coupled with limited company resources and competing priorities, marketers and merchandisers today need a powerful personalization engine that will automatically present the best recommendations for their customers.

This package also employs critical features such as the flexibility to set business rules, create and test different themes and communicate consistently across multiple marketing channels.

This is accomplished through email communications to your customers and via your call center representatives. By focusing on key metrics such as average order values, revenue per visit, conversions and overall sales – the Amadesa’s RecommendR software will achieve a new standard for automated merchandising.

RecommendR Advantages:

  • Cross-channel Options
  • Recommendation type flexibility
  • Integrated Testing capabilities
  • Advanced business rules
  • No catalog integration required

Amadesa’s Behavioral Targeting Provides True Predictive Personalization

Amadesa’s Behavioral Targeting algorithm leverages more than 100 visitor variables

Key Features of Behavioral Targeting:

  • Optimized for anonymous variable collection
  • Quick preview
  • In session updating

Amadesa’s Behavioral Targeting algorithm leverages more than 100 visitor variables to deliver real-time matching and delivery of the most relevant content.

With the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™, content is served randomly until the algorithm determines the most appropriate content to serve a specific micro segment. The consistent addition of new content coupled with the Amadesa Behavioral Targeting solution will match the right content to the right user.

Amadesa’s Behavioral Targeting provides true predictive personalization that is ideal for banners, promotions and other visual elements.

Serve the most relevant and personalized content to users based on individual anonymous micro segment creation.

The Behavioral Targeting algorithm leverages more than 100 characteristics including:

Available user data:

  • IP address
  • Day and time of visit

Machine attributes such as:

  • Operation system
  • Browser
  • Screen resolution

How Segmentation Shapes User Experience

Amadesa shows businesses how to take great care of both new and returning customers

Segmentation empowers the user to establish individual rules to serve the most relevant content of predefined segments. Traffic allocation is a crucial factor in improving conversion rates.

With the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™, it’s easy to ensure that whether your customer enters your site from a particular referring search engine, banner ad or pay per click keyword, you can be confident that once they actually land on your site, you’re welcoming them with the most relevant, appropriate and consistent messages.

If a visitor has a particular product or category in mind, why would you just drop them onto your home page? Instead, route them to the specific product page they were actually looking for.

Perhaps you’re an online retailer in the apparel sector? Show images of overcoats and jacket to customers in your cold weather states and visuals of t-shirts and flip flops to yours sunny and warm climate visitors.

New users versus returning users?

We can help you deliver a welcome landing page highlighting the features of your site versus a special offer for the repeat audience. With a setup like that, you get the best of both worlds, providing unmatched user experience for both new and returning consumers.

Using Multivariate Testing to Drive Customer Engagement

Amadesa understands the intricacies of engaging users

The foundation of testing principles, Amadesa’s A/B and Multivariate Testing product allows users to quickly identify which alternative images, copy, offers, navigational components, search box placement or other elements, etc. drive customer engagement.

With the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™, you have the power of unfettered A/B and Multivariate testing at your fingertips.

Whether you want to focus on landing page testing or are looking to modify a checkout path or anything in between, our user-friendly interface features a simple wizard that puts you fully in control.

This control allows each business to enhance the individual experience for every user.

Amadesa Partners with TRUSTe to Demonstrate Value in Seal with A/B Testing

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TRUSTe uses Amadesa’s A/B testing solution to certify the value of the TRUSTe seal. In this test, some visitors see the seal, while others do not. Amadesa then measures differences in visitor behavior and any variations in revenue per visitor (RPV) and average order value (AOV) between the group that sees the TRUSTe seal and the group that does not. This enables an “apples to apples” comparison of the effectiveness of any page on the site with or without the seal.

“We’ve always known that the TRUSTe seal makes a difference to consumers, providing a higher degree of confidence, but it’s nice to demonstrate that value to our customers,” said Fran Maier, President and Chair at TRUSTe. “Amadesa’s tests clearly demonstrate to our clients the direct correlation between the use of the TRUSTe seal and increases in RPV. We are very excited about this partnership with Amadesa and the value we can provide to our customers by working together.”

TRUSTe is testing many of its client Web sites, and early results are positive. AchooAllergy.com, one of the most visited websites for allergy relief products and allergy relief information, gained a $10 increase in its AOV. Debnroo.com, an online retailer specializing in home, garden and pet products, experienced a 29 percent increase in RPV by displaying the TRUSTe seal.

“Our test results have been overwhelmingly effective in proving the value of privacy assurances and the strong connection to consumer trust,” said Rita Brogley, Amadesa’s CEO. “The tests not only confirm statistical relevance but also measure the actual dollar increase achieved by using the TRUSTe seal. We look forward to working closely withTRUSTe to deliver value for their clients. ”

Walmart Ready to Launch Global E-Commerce Unit

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The Walmart Corporation is ready to debut its new e-commerce unit.

The World’s largest retailer designed the new platform to drum up web traffic in both new and existing markets.

The retail giant already has operational ecommerce sites for several countries including the United States and Mexico. The goal now, is to establish one ecommerce platform that will span the globe.

In the US, where the retailer competes directly with Amazon, Walmart has named Steve Nave as general manager of its website, according to the news release coming from Walmart’s corporate office.

“These changes are designed to ensure that every part of our business is becoming more global, leveraging our scale, and moving closer to the customer. We are also focused on providing our associates with more opportunities to advance and succeed at Walmart and in life,” according the Walmart Website.

Advertisers Missing out on the Site-Side Optimization Edge

What are your customers missing?

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It’s amazing that web site optimization is still an overlooked process despite its inherent value to marketing campaigns across the business spectrum.

Of course there are complexities involved in making the process a reality because it takes the cooperation of several departments to make it a reality.

However, when employed correctly, web site conversion is one of the smartest investments a business can make, because it boosts the value of every other in-house marketing effort.

Amadesa offers user-friendly technology for conversion funnel optimization that can be installed easily and in a relatively short time frame. Once this site-side optimization is up and running, it helps you with every transaction by increasing the likelihood that visitors to your site will become paying customers.

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Amadesa Defines Behavioral Targeting for Business

Behavioral Targeting enables web site owners to display content that is deemed more relevant to the interest of each individual user.

Behavioral Targeting allows site owners or ad networks to display content more relevant to the interests of the individual viewing the page. On the theory that properly targeted ads will fetch more consumer interest, the seller may ask for a premium for these over random advertising or ads based on the context of a site.

Behavioral Targeting falls into two categories:
Onsite Behavioral Targeting
Uses visitor behavior and practices to “single out” content that would have increased relevance to a segment of selected users by evaluating web analytics.

Offsite Behavioral Targeting
Advertising networks use this method to evaluate user behavior and increase targeted advertising.

Daniel Waisberg, the Head of Web Analytics at Easynet search marketing reports that in the last two years, marketers, analysts and executives have started to understand that customers should get what they want without having to ask for it. That’s what behavioral targeting is all about: delivering the right content to each visitor to a website. It moves the current focus on overall results to segment results.

Amadesa is one of the premier companies employing Behavioral Targeting to create a unique experience for each and every visitor. Many top companies across the business spectrum use Amadesa for their customer service solutions including: Petco, Progressive Insurance, General Mills and NutriSystem.