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Segmentation Delivers Key Benefits that Customers Can’t Ignore

Understanding how and why segments convert differently.

Segmentation empowers the user to establish individual rules to serve the most relevant content of predefined segments. Traffic allocation is a crucial factor in improving conversion rates.

With the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™, it’s easy to ensure that whether your customer enters your site from a particular referring search engine, banner ad or pay per click keyword, you can be confident that once they actually land on your site, you’re welcoming them with the most relevant, appropriate and consistent messages.

There are several key benefits that can’t be ignored:

Ease of use — Set up rules for each traffic segment and Amadesa’s Segmentation feature does the rest. JavaScript tags ensure that specific and relevant content is delivered to each predefined segment.

Optimized customer experience — Customer Segmentation allows pushes your site to become both compelling and relevant. Traffic segmentations opens up communication with new visitors differently from seasoned and loyal customers.
For example: Tailor the landing page message for visitors on Friday but deliver a different page the following Monday.

Increased conversion rates — By applying A/B testing to your traffic segments, you can now understand how and why segments convert differently. Refine the message, image, offer or landing pages to drive continuous improvement.

Enhanced consistency — Your customers have very specific objectives in mind. Don’t make them start from scratch when they land at your site off a search result. Providing consistency and relevance translates into increased engagement.