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“Post-Click” Takeaways Matter Most to Business

Improve conversion rates by optimizing your site

The majority of businesses dedicate an inordinate amount of time, resources and budget to getting potential customers to visit their website. With targeted off-line marketing efforts and constantly improving search engine optimization efforts – many organizations are already making great strides in driving “pre-click” efforts.

However, what happens to your guests once they arrive on your site? It’s the “post-click” takeaway that matters most to your business. Conversion means different things to different businesses.

  • If you have a content-based site, it may mean downloading an article.
  • A Multimedia site might require clicking on and viewing a video clip.
  • For eBusinesses, it may focus heavily on lead generation.
  • And for eCommerece sites, it’s about the power of the purse…and what customers buy.

Regardless of how you define conversion, there’s no better approach than letting your customers decide on the online experience that is most relevant for them and user-testing is the key.

From content to images, from offers to call to actions – testing can uncover the subtle or dramatic improvements that translate into increased conversion rates.

Segmenting, synthesized with testing, can further distribute your traffic to varying experiences that are even more pertinent and likely to drive action and even sales.


Using Multivariate Testing to Drive Customer Engagement

Amadesa understands the intricacies of engaging users

The foundation of testing principles, Amadesa’s A/B and Multivariate Testing product allows users to quickly identify which alternative images, copy, offers, navigational components, search box placement or other elements, etc. drive customer engagement.

With the Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™, you have the power of unfettered A/B and Multivariate testing at your fingertips.

Whether you want to focus on landing page testing or are looking to modify a checkout path or anything in between, our user-friendly interface features a simple wizard that puts you fully in control.

This control allows each business to enhance the individual experience for every user.