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Content Personalization Makes Perfect Sense for Site Visitors

There are no borders with "Content Personalization"

There are no borders with "Content Personalization"


How do you make your site more specific and relevant to your visitors?

Through site personalization of course!

Separate your site from the others by making each visit unique, relevant and more compelling.

By serving up distinctive messages and offers to individual customers, you make their online experiences more specific and relevant. That in turn increases site loyalty and beefs up retention rates.

On the “one to all” end of the continuum, visitors who come to a site all receive the same content. On the opposite “one to one” end of the spectrum, users enjoy a unique combination of information, offers and images across every page on the site that is tailored and delivered to each individual.

While most marketers cannot realistically achieve this one to one ideal today, many seek to get as close as possible, knowing that conversion rates and revenue improve with each step taken along the continuum. Whether you’re just looking to start with segmentation by groups to get more personal or leveraging real-time, behavioral targeting to drill down to a more individualized level, Amadesa can help.

Content personalization efforts will flourish all across you site including:

  • Home pages
  • Category and product pages
  • Shopping carts and forms
  • Subscription and registration pages
  • And the rest of your particular site

Contact Amadesa to learn how to leverage their products and see how they can help you on the journey towards true web site personalization.