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Critical Importance of Personalized Product Recommendation

Presenting the best customer recommendations


Automated merchandising is critical to personalizing the online shopping experience. It is also a key component of increasing revenue per visit and average order values.

Let’s face it; with the increasing demands on driving ROI coupled with limited company resources, marketers and merchandisers today need a powerful personalization engine that will automatically present the best recommendations for their customers.

Amadesa actually has a system in place that does all of those things and much more. Amadesa’s RecommendR™ allows customers to personalize product recommendations across any page on a web site.

Key Features of RecommendR™

  • Cross-channel Options
  • Recommendation type flexibility
  • Integrated Testing capabilities
  • Advanced business rules
  • No catalog integration required

Amadesa’s RecommendR™ provides you with the flexibility to set business rules, create and test different themes, and communicate consistently across marketing channels.

This is a system that hones in on improving key metrics such as average order values, revenue per visit, conversions and overall sales. The RecommendR software platform sets the standard for automated merchandising.


Amadesa Takes Mystery Out of Site Optimization

Amadesa is the first company to deliver a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution focused on delivering a dynamic web site through personalization and automated content delivery.

The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite offers end-to-end testing and personalization products to help online businesses maximize revenues, enhance customer engagement, increase conversions, and improve marketing ROI.

The Amadesa Customer Experience Platform provides users with a unique interface that takes the complex site optimization domain and simplifies it. The platform allows users to optimize unlimited opportunities on their Web sites through powerful products and features that require little IT, including:

A/B & Multivariate Testing: Traffic management, element and/or page-level testing to quickly determine which best drives click-through activity
Segment Testing: Identify Web site visitors across a variety of criteria (such as referring search engine, pay-per-click keyword, etc.) to seamlessly personalize communications and value propositions
Automated Behavioral Targeting: True predictive analytics algorithm leverages more than 25 characteristics (such as IP address, browser and screen resolutions, day and time of day, etc.) to deliver the most appropriate content to the right users
Product Recommendations: Automated suggestions that deliver timely product add-ons and upgrades to augment order values and increase revenues

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Amadesa Leads the Way in Web Site Testing

In the current economic environment, many companies want cost-effective ways to improve the bottom line. One proven method is to cross and up-sell customers already on a site.

Amadesa employs a Product Recommendations page that allows clients to deliver real-time suggestions regarding valuable products. This provides added value for the customers.

Amadesa is also the first company to deliver an end-to-end Web site testing and personalization platform.

It’s been more than a year since Amadesa and Thanx Media signed on to implement Product Recommendations functionality on the home furnishing company’s Web site.

Amadesa’s Customer Experience Platform includes AB & Multivariate Testing, Segment Testing and targeting of site traffic, Automated Persona Targeting to serve the most relevant and personalized content, Product Recommendations, and Virtual Layers for Carts & Forms.

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