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Critical Importance of Personalized Product Recommendation

Presenting the best customer recommendations


Automated merchandising is critical to personalizing the online shopping experience. It is also a key component of increasing revenue per visit and average order values.

Let’s face it; with the increasing demands on driving ROI coupled with limited company resources, marketers and merchandisers today need a powerful personalization engine that will automatically present the best recommendations for their customers.

Amadesa actually has a system in place that does all of those things and much more. Amadesa’s RecommendR™ allows customers to personalize product recommendations across any page on a web site.

Key Features of RecommendR™

  • Cross-channel Options
  • Recommendation type flexibility
  • Integrated Testing capabilities
  • Advanced business rules
  • No catalog integration required

Amadesa’s RecommendR™ provides you with the flexibility to set business rules, create and test different themes, and communicate consistently across marketing channels.

This is a system that hones in on improving key metrics such as average order values, revenue per visit, conversions and overall sales. The RecommendR software platform sets the standard for automated merchandising.