White Paper

Sharpening Web Site Relevance Tactics For Delivering Meaningful Online Experiences

by John Adams
with Carlton A. Doty and Emily Murphy

Why Must Marketers Get relevant?

If delivering relevant content to Web site visitors isn’t a top priority for you, Forrester delivers the following wake-up calls:

· Marketers don’t own the Web. Contrary to popular belief among marketers, the Web belongs to consumers. On average, consumers visit 2.5 Web sites prior to making online purchases, and 42% visit three or more sites during their research process.1 For 47% of consumers, the research begins with a Web site visit, search engine query, or promotional email. Relevance tactics improve marketers’ chances of capturing consumers’ attention and driving them toward conversions.

· Irrational exuberance is dead. Effective marketers focus on high-value opportunities rather than high-volume activity. Targeted offers and promotions for customers whose behavior demonstrates a high propensity for action is one method to achieve profitable relevance. Marketers can accomplish this by mining their customer intelligence data to calculate product life-cycle cues and identify Web site browsing behavior that indicates a visitor’s readiness to act.

· Targeted content drives activity. Marketers currently deliver targeted content to 24% of Web site visitors on average.2 Fifty-eight percent of these marketers reported an incremental lift in conversions over the control by 5% or more as a result of using relevance tactics. Content and messaging delivered with contextual meaning for Web site visitors (derived from current session activity or historic profiles) consistently outperforms generic one-size-fits-all content.


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